M. Yvan Boutin, designer of the TFLEX-180

Flexible and resistant support of sewage hose

Drain hose support for recreational vehicles

The idea behind the TFLEX-180 drain hose support came from Mr. Yvan Boutin, creator and owner of Les Produits DYAMA.

DYAMA is a family-owned company located in Saint-Georges, Quebec. It specializes in the design of a new product: the TFLEX-180.

Mr. Boutin had the idea of designing a practical, easy to install and economical product of support of sewage hose for all the caravanning and motor-caravanning enthusiasts who, like him, want to enjoy their vacation without worrying about getting their hands dirty! All of this in an effort to improve a normally unpleasant situation well-known by Fifth Wheels, RV and recreational vehicules users.

TFLEX-180 is a support of sewage hose to facilitate the draining of RV wastewater tanks.

Mr. Boutin as well as Les produits DYAMA team insist on three values that they consider essential.

Satisfy their customers
Offer high-quality products
Innovate to always offer the best product